1 Frequently Asked Questions 
Q: Does libcddb work on Win32 ?
Answer: Yes. I got it working on Cygwin after recreating the automake/autoconf/libtool environment. You can easily do this by downloading the bootstrap script from CVS, putting it into the libcddb source directory and executing it. When this is done you can perform the usual steps of running the configure script and then executing make.
Q: Unable to load libcddb shared library ?
Symptom: You get an error message like:
error while loading shared libraries: libcddb.so.0:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
when running a program that uses libcddb.
Solution: You will have to run the ldconfig program to update the dynamic linker settings. Make sure you have administrative rights before running ldconfig.
Last modified: Mon Apr 6 23:31:59 UTC 2009